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cooks for kids

Several members of Team Harper met at the Mpls Children’s Ronald McDonald House today to volunteer for Cooks for Kids.  This third floor haven was a frequent dining spot and quiet respite for Eric and I during last spring’s stay.  Meals are served 7 days/week with volunteers ranging from families, corporations, or church groups.

Returning to the hospital was a bit anxiety-inducing at first.  It was a great experience and a perfect way to mark the day of Harper’s diagnosis.  We saw ourselves in the heavy shoulders and vacant faces of several sets of parents.

Thank you to all of our helpers – Grandpa Whitey, Grandma Dixie, Grandma Kaki, Grandma Karen, Grandpa David (for watching the kids!), Auntie Jane, John, Sam, and Darla (your chicken rocked!!!).



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  2. I had forgotten that last year you said you would cook for Easter in return for the meal last year. Wish I had energy to help. I would gladly give some of my 80,000 WBC’s to Harper, except they are not healthy cells. This up and down business is so trying for all of you. Hopefully as post-transplantation goes on the drugs will settle down and do what they should be doing. I pray for you daily.

  3. Reminds me of an observation from a Father of a girl on Heidi’s Special Olympic team. He said his thoughts on walking into the beautiful Anerson Athletic complex at St. Thomas last weekend and observing all the athletes and volunteers made him happy. But then he said he became angry to think of all the energy spent on negative actions in this world when there are so many ways to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

    It’s good to have been both a recipient and a giver–both are blessed.

  4. You didn’t stop by to see me (or was it in the evening after I had left already?)!! 🙁

  5. What a great way to pay forward to families who are in pain. I’m sure they were grateful.